Our Vision


The team at Advanced Cablers are committed to offering our customers an unsurpassed level of service in the telecommunications and expert cabling installation field.

It is our values which are our guiding principles that define how we conduct business and what we stand for as a company.

This means working together with our client as a team that:
  • Encourages ideas – by opening our minds to new possibilities, thinking creatively and having the courage to learn from successes and failures.
  • Take on new challenges, capture opportunities and resolve problems.
  • Achieves Results – by taking personal responsibility and pride in our work to deliver timely, quality results that benefit our customers and help achieve our vision and strategy.
  • Co-ordinates – by recognising the value and power in diversity of thought and communicating openly to understand the perspectives of others; demonstrating leadership by sharing what we know and respectfully challenging each other to achieve the best results for all.

Company Profile


Advanced Cablers was established in 2012 to service the growing demand for professional telecommunications and fibre optic installation.

Advanced Cablers has become a trusted and reliable name in the Mining and Telecommunications feilds in both Private and Government Sectors and is QAssure and GITC accredited. (QAssure #: 12745) (GITC #: Q-6058). We also hold a Class B Asbestos Removal Licence # 2311262 to work with non-friable asbestos containing materials where required.

For full information please request our full company profile and capabilities statement by contacting us